05 August 2011


I think this has been the most boring week ever and no one in the family even cares enough to do anything about it.   It gets close to 40 degrees outside every day and the house hovers around 30 degrees, give or take a few degrees in the morning and evening.  I honestly can't think of anything else to do besides sitting by the fan reading novels or doing logic puzzles, and my boys play video games and read books.  And we play card games, although that's a little tricky with the fans.  Meals are a bit dicey because the kitchen is 35 degrees by dinner time.

It does cool off to about 20 degrees at night so if I get up early I can run around and get the garden watered and the shopping done, and then I do Russian for a few hours so at least I'm getting a few worthwhile things done.  But afternoons are painfully hot and boring.  I can't think of any way to solve the problem, but I thought I'd share some of that boringness with the world.  Lucky you.

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