16 August 2011

Bishkek Apartments

I like to see the creative ways that apartments have been updated in Bishkek.  One of my favorite is when people knock down walls.  I remember the first time I walked into a remodeled Bishkek apartment where they'd taken out a wall or two and what a difference it made.  The apartment was still tiny, but it felt so much more open.

Another idea is to buy your neighbor's apartment and combine the two.  There are lots of things you can do when you have twice the space.

And you never, ever know what you'll find through any door in Bishkek.  You might climb up a set of dark, not-so-clean stairs (although usually they are clean, they just don't look great) and keep climbing for 5 or six floors, knock on an old door, and be taken inside an apartment that bright, clean, remodeled, and cheerful.

C's comment below about apartments is so true too, because even though a place might look spiffy, you know something isn't going to work or is going to stop working soon.  I suppose no one is ever really done remodeling here.

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