02 July 2011


We get lots of thunderstorms in Tokmok, many more than we ever did in Bishkek.  It really helps to keep the temperature down and I'm grateful for every thunderstorm that comes our way.

This morning we've had 4 roll through in the last 2 hours.  I have to keep turning the internet and computer off, especially the internet because we're not supposed to use it during thunderstorms.  I don't know why exactly, but with the way most things (don't) work in Kyrgyzstan, I'm not about to take any chances.  The power usually goes off during them too, but so far it's been on today.

People walking down the street take cover wherever they can when the rain starts.  A couple spent the last rainstorm next to our gate where there was a little shelter.  

Here comes another one.  Signing off.

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