17 July 2011

Lego in Bishkek

We finally found the place to buy Lego in Bishkek.  When we lived there 6 years ago there was one store that sold a few, but now lots of places sell some.  But there's one place that's really the Lego place.  And since it was a little hard to find out about (I suppose that expats with kids in Bishkek might all know and tell each other) (we couldn't find much when I searched online in English, but I found this place when I searched in Russian), I wanted to post it here.

Anyway.  It's on the northwest corner of Soviet and Moscow.  There's a fountain in front of the building and a poster with the Lego symbol on it.  They have a pretty good selection and the prices aren't unreasonable.  We had some very happy boys after visiting there.


  1. Hooray! My oldest two would be very please for your boys. =)

  2. They are still one of the best lego stores in town

  3. It appears they are now closed :-(