10 July 2011

I ate the best laghman I've ever had today at an Uyghur house.  It was simple with some stir-fried meat and cabbage and beans, but you could also top it with jusay and eggs or tomatoes and garlic (or both) and there was plenty of lazy.  The tomatoes were perfectly ripe and it was lovely to eat something spicy at someone else's home.  The woman who made it is hopefully going to be my Russian tutor this summer and I'm definitely going to get some recipes from her.  Everything was delicious.

Last night we went to a party and there was an eggplant salad there that was beyond delicious.  I must find that recipe too. 

When we go to other people's houses, it often seems like the food is the same, and basically, it is, but there are definitely some ethnic differences, and you can always tell a good cook.  Even when you're eating plov.

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