23 July 2011

Cleaning the Park

We spent the day picking up trash at Ala Archa Park today.  Well, we actually only spent about 20 minutes picking up trash because that was how long it took to fill our 16 Target and Narodiy bags completely full of trash.  And I'm not even sure that anyone would notice that the spot we cleaned looked any better.  Before and after pictures might have helped, but we didn't have any way to carry out more garbage.

The rest of the day was spent getting from Tokmok to the bus station in Bishkek, then to the meeting place for the buses to the park, then the ride to the park, then an opening ceremony, then the cleaning, then a closing ceremony, back to the buses to Bishkek and then back to Tokmok.  Over 5 hours of travel time.  The things we do to get our children's service hours done.

And we forgot the camera which was unfortunate because Ala Archa is a beautiful and pleasant place.  But it was cool and breezy and wonderful to not be hot for an hour.  Even all those ceremonies weren't too bad because it wasn't hot.

It could be just 30 degrees in a couple of days.  We can hope.

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