01 July 2011

Bhutanese Cheese

I've been trying some Bhutanese recipes recently, but I cannot find a recipe for what appears to be the typical homemade Bhutanese cheese, made from cow's milk.  There's also a yak cheese called churpi, and I bet I could even track down some yak milk if I wanted to, but I'll stick with the cow milk cheese for now.

I can't even figure out if the cheese should be one that melts or not.  I have found a few videos, but since my internet connection is so slow I can't watch them, and I don't know if they're just showing someone making the cheese, instead of trying to give the recipe.  I can't imagine the process is very complicated.  I've been using paneer which seems like a reasonable substitute, but if I'm using homemade cheese anyway, I'd rather make the real thing.

It would be interesting to try making cheese from yak's milk or mare's milk though.  It's not like I'd get a chance to do that anywhere else.  Or to learn more about traditional cheeses in Asia.  There are a lot here, despite what you might think.

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