06 July 2011

Bazaar and Other News

So these aren't big things, but they're a slice of life in Tokmok.  The neighbors cut down at least 5 huge trees in front of their house.  There's supposed to be some sort of disease floating around killing trees in Tokmok, and I don't know if this had anything to do with it, but the house looks naked now.  Maybe they're redoing the yard.

Apricots are local now and just 30 cents a pound.  30 cents.  I have an apricot tree in the backyard, but the apricots aren't very good.  Doesn't much matter when I can buy a treeful of apricots for less than 5 dollars.  A small tree, which is what I have.  I've made jam and apricot nectar so far.  The freezer is definitely getting a workout since I don't can.  I may try sun drying some of the apricots.

A woman stopped me on the street on the way home to ask why I'd bought 4 kilos of apricots.  I don't suppose you see too many Americans walking down the street with that many.  She approved of my jam-making though.

The biggest bazaar news is that they seem to be redoing the marshrutka area at the bazaar. It's a huge area that's mostly level, although there are lots of rocks around.  It's fine in the summer, but in the winter it mostly turned into a bog and made crossing perilous.  All the marshrutkas have been gone for at least 2 days (I don't really know where they are; I'll have to explore a little tomorrow) and today there was a grader working and some men drilling out old pavement.  I don't think we ever took a before photo, which is unfortunate.  I'll have to look through the pictures we have.  I'm looking forward to seeing what happens.  Yes, my life is exciting. 

The biggest neighborhood news is the circumcision celebration for the neighbor's three-year-old son.  My husband has been invited to the circumcision, and we're both going to the party the next day.  I don't believe I have ever attended such an event before.


  1. Fascinating. What exactly is a circumcision celebration? Exactly what it sounds like?

  2. Yes. I believe circumcision is usually done here at around 3-5 years old (our neighbor's son is 3), but I'm also quite sure it doesn't always happen. We hear about older children getting circumcized too. And periodically people ask if our sons want to join someone else's ceremony.

  3. Fascinating. One of my sons was born in Sweden and circumcision was illegal there. I think it was a tricky thing for people who circumcise for religious reasons.