05 June 2011

So It's Not Sarajevo or Beijing or London or Prague

I've been poking around some expat family blogs this afternoon.  Families who live in places like East Asia and Europe.  Places where, when people look at your blog, they wish they could see those places.  Their children are beautiful.  They have houses in interesting places and cars to take them to other interesting places.  They always have access to their blogs.  They eat cheese and drink milk with impunity.  And probably peanut butter too.  They have drains.

And then I looked at my blog.  When I post pictures, they're of gates around my town and that's because there's really not much else to see.  We have done pretty much all of the siteseeing that's possible since all that's possible in northern Kyrgyzstan is the Burana Tower and the mountains (although we'll still do Issyk Kul again, but you won't be impressed). I get stuck on marshrutkas and haul water around and stumble over Russian.

I have seen some interesting animals though.  New birds are always fun, and there was a demented chicken at Sarala-Saz, and some possessed yaks.  I see cows and horses and chickens and geese and sheep every day. 

I don't have pictures of my children here, but they still are beautiful.  And they're good. 

My town won't get any more interesting to look at, but at least I can buy really good produce here.  It gets better every day.  And I really like to cook.

And I have lots of ebooks.  Kyrgyzstan doesn't get any credit for that, but life here is a lot more pleasant because of that.  I really like to read.

And even if I can't post on my blog, I can still write.  There are so many things to write about here.

I don't want to live in Europe anyway.  Or Beijing.  Visiting would be lovely, but I'd rather be an expat in Central Asia. The yaks are ever so much better here.  (I do want to live in Samarqand though.  But there are no blogs from there to make me jealous.) 


  1. Well just for the record, I read your blog and get jealous! :)

  2. Thank, Jean. I'm glad someone does. ;)

  3. Are you still enjoying strawberries? Or are they finished? How are your beets doing? Do you want a good borscht recipe? How is the repaired pump holding up?

  4. I love your blog! I know next to nothing about this area of the world, and I find reading about it so interesting!