08 June 2011

On the Habits of Flies and Other Lower Life Forms

Have you ever noticed that fly habits are a bit seasonal?  Or that the habits of flies that appear in different seasons are different?  I'd noticed this before in the fall when the flies would get a little smaller and less annoying.  The fat flies of summer died off and even though there were still flies around, they weren't so bad. 

I'm becoming very well acquainted with the fly habits here since the kitchen door is open a lot because the kitchen is hot.  Most of the flies that join me in the kitchen are smaller flies that don't land on the food or the dishes.  They just fly around in circles under the light fixtures.  I have no idea why they do this, but I've watched a lot of them do it.  I also get big, fat, angry flies that bluster around the room till they find the door again.  They're noisy, but they get out. 

So far, these flies aren't too bothersome, but the last day or two I've had what I consider to be typical flies in the kitchen.  The sort that get into everything and are gross.  It's enough to make me keep the door closed, and that's saying a lot because I hate to be hot.  Stupid flies.

I'm also learning more about slugs.  We have lots of little slugs outside that gather on the faucet outside, the one I use to fill up my kitchen water bucket.  They're slimy little guys and I sincerely hope I don't learn any more about them.


  1. Love your post! And agree with the diagnosis on the flies. Don't know so much about slugs, gratefully. Except the banana slug song :)

  2. HA! I'd never seen a slug before I moved to Maine. I woke up my guy friend at 7 in the morning to have him remove what I thought was the biggest slug I'd ever seen. He told me that was a baby.

    I remember screeching the words, "They get BIGGER?!?" and nothing else.

    I had snails as pets when I was a kid. Somehow, though, without the shell, they are creepy as all get out.

    Good luck!!!

  3. can you get a screen door? can you make one if we send you a roll of screen?

  4. Snails are definitely better than slugs. Our slugs aren't big, but they are plentiful.

    Marta, it's common for people to hang a curtain in front of doors to keep flies out, but our kitchen doesn't have a way to do that right now. We need to ask the owner if we can rig something up.