13 June 2011

Food Prices

Here's the early June edition of the Tokmok food prices:

Chinese rice: 60 cents/pound
Pakistani rice: 60 cents/pound
Kazakhstan rice: 45 cents/pound
Sunflower oil: $2/liter
2nd quality flour: 25 cents/pound
1st quality flour: 35 cents/pound
Cracked wheat: 32 cents/pound
Black vinegar: $/ liter
Sesame oil: $3/liter
Fresh milk: 45 cents/liter
Rice noodles: $1/pound
Laghman: $1/bag
Cheese: $3.76/pound
Eggs: $1.20/dozen
Pasta: 40 cents/pound
Ayran: 70 cents/liter

Green garlic: 30 cents/pound
Cucumbers: 10 cents/pound
Carrots: 30 cents/pound
Potatoes: 25 cents/pound
Garlic: 45 cents/head
Green onions: 18 cents/bunch
Strawberries: 50 cents/pound
Garlic chives: 20 cents/pound, at most
Tomatoes: 80 cents/pound
Cabbage: 15 cents/pound
Sweet peppers: 80 cents a pound

There's a lot more, but I can't think of any more prices right now.  I'll try to add more later.

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