15 June 2011

Food Again?

Yes, food again.  It takes up a lot of my life.

I remember talking to a friend from Sweden once who'd been living in the US for a while.  She commented that she didn't cook much when she lived in the US even though she was a good cook in Sweden.  I totally understood because I didn't cook much either when I lived in Bishkek.  Certainly I cooked, but not a huge variety of stuff and dinner was always a challenge.  It's really different cooking in another country because most of what you made at home either doesn't work or requires a lot of creativity to get it done.

I'm doing a lot better this time though.  I'm almost up to three weeks worth of dinners (I never got past one week in Bishkek) and there's a lot more variety.  The last week or two we've added paneer which everyone loves, although I don't have a lot of recipes that use it because it's never been very cheap to make before. It's not necessarily cheap now, but it's affordable.  I'm still hoping to try cooking fish someday, but I haven't yet been brave enough to buy any.

It turns out that my Indian cookbook has gotten the most use here, which I didn't really expect.  Recipes from Southeast Asia are a little hard to pull off since I don't think fish sauce or coconut milk are sold here (I haven't given up hope though).

And we're just starting to eat from the garden.  We had beet greens tonight and tomorrow there will be enough cucumbers. 


  1. Will you please share your paneer recipe?

    Enjoy the garden!

  2. I saw this while on a completely different mission on Amazon. Maybe you've seen it before? http://www.amazon.com/Uzbek-Cooking-Hippocrene-International-Cookbooks/dp/0781806690/ref=wl_it_dp_o?ie=UTF8&coliid=I2HHW7KCNM8H7J&colid=2LE2RDPS10Z04

  3. Yes, we have that book. It's pretty good. I don't use it really often, but when I need something that's definitely Uzbek, that's the book to go to.

    Jadda, I'm sure that if you search the blog you'll find a paneer recipe.