23 June 2011

The Classifieds

I'm finally getting around to posting the Classifieds section from the local newspaper.  Most of it is houses and apartments for sale.  Here's what was available this week:

  • Small house on Oxotnich Street with a large yard convenient for for livestock
  • House with 6 rooms on Saadaev Street, gas, bathroom, garage, owner-built, outbuilding, shed, temporary building (I have no doubt these aren't exact translations, but my dictionaries aren't designed to translate details of houses in Central Asia)
  • House near the bazaar, summer kitchen, banya, plumbing, price reduced 8,500 som (a little less than $100)
  • House with 5 bedrooms (furnished possible) on the bank of the rive, owner-built, summer kitchen, banya, garage, reduced 10,600 som.  Used furniture, barrels, worldwide literature.  Pudovkin Street near the water tower.
  • House in the center, 4 rooms, kitchen, 3 floors?, electric and coal heating, water in the house, bathroom, garage, owner-built, vegetable garden, near the airplane monument
  • Urgent 1-room apartment in 3rd microrayon
  • Urgent 2-room apartment, remodeled, 4th floor, armored door, glassed balcony?, near "Chainoy"
  • 2-room remodeled apartment in 1st microrayon, first floor with garage
  • 2-room apartment on 2nd floor of brick building, sanitary remodel?, 3rd microrayon
  • 2-room apartment near the hotel in a brick building, Czech design, 5th floor, Euro remodel, can pay in installments
  • 3-room apartment across from the bus station, iron radiators, double doors, new lavatory pan? (there's got to be a better translation than this), and some more stuff
  • 3-room apartment in microrayon 3, 4th floor
  • 3-room remodeled apartment on the second floor, not on the corner?, partly furnished, glassed balcony, 3rd microrayon, building 5, apartment 38
  • 3-room apartment, 4/5th floors, gas meter, near military town
  • Trade a house for a 3-room apartment on Jantaeva Street
  • 5-room apartment, individual plan, center, one floor in brick building, Euro remodel, finished bathroom with tile and plastic, ariston?, satellite?, large storehouse, rooms, and cellar.  Convenient to offices and business with a driveway and parking spaces

There's more, but that's enough for today.  I believe that the apartments in general have running water (although the city water isn't always on) and that they are on city heating.  Houses have coal heating and no indoor plumbing unless otherwise stated.  A summer kitchen is a separate building (usually a building) that is used in the summer.  It might have a place for cooking large quantities of food too. 

Homes start at $15,000 and go up to about $100,000.  I'd guess the home we're in is about $30,000 because it has gas (that's not always a selling point though because gas costs twice as much to use even though it's much cleaner and easier). 

There are many, many homes for sale in Tokmok.  One of the primary reasons people tell me for that is Russians leaving Kyrgyzstan.  It's not uncommon to see a house for sale with all its furniture.  It's very difficult to sell a home because the supply greatly exceeds the demand. 

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