11 June 2011


Ha!  I bought tofu sticks today. In Tokmok.  I found someone selling carrot salad with them in it and bought laghman from her and then asked what the tofu sticks were called and where I could buy them.  It turns out they're called cпраже (sprazhe), at least here.  So I wandered off in the general direction that she'd pointed and found a package of tofu sticks pretty quickly.  I'd actually seen them before and thought it might have been what I was looking for, but I had no way to know for sure (although if I'd looked closer and noticed the all the soybeans drawn on the package, I might have bought one to try it).

I cannot figure out the name though.  I can't find it in any Russian dictionary, online or paper.  I guess it's a Dungan word, but I don't know how I'd figure that out. The Chinese words for tofu sticks don't sound anything like it.  The package was printed in Chinese with the word cпраже across the top.

So I'm still curious about it, but at least I know how to buy it in Tokmok.

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