12 June 2011

And the Vegetables

The onions (this year's) and tomatoes are from Uzbekistan and the rest of the produce here is local.  The garlic at the front is very fresh, or you can get bagged cloves.  The curly stuff is green garlic and there's lots of green onions and various herbs and plenty of this year's cabbage.

The stalks sitting on top of the potatoes are some sort of cabbage stalks.  All I've been told is that they are cabbage.  You can hardly see them, but this is the only photo they made an appearance in.

Yes, the cucumbers are 10 cents a pound.

Brooms and spices.  Most of the spices are various types of crushed or ground red peppers.  There are also lots of bottles of vinegars and some oils and other delicious and unknown things.

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