03 May 2011

Bin Ladin

So.  Bin Ladin is dead.  It seems like everyone in the US is talking about it, but we haven't heard anything about it here except on the news.  I know people know about his death, but no one is talking about it. 

I'm glad bin Ladin isn't around anymore to inflict pain and terror on anyone.  And it's possible that his death might have made the world a safer place.  I rather doubt it, but sometimes you get lucky.

One of our major goals in this "war on terror" seems to have been a military effort to get rid of (get revenge on?) bin Ladin.  I believe that driving goal was a mistake and reaching that goal therefore doesn't accomplish what we really should have been aiming for which was stable, secure, open, and financially sound Central Asian and Middle Eastern nations.

But it's a lot easier to meet your goal if you have to destroy something yourself, rather than figure out how to support others in building something new.  Quicker too.  It took ten years to get bin Ladin and we'd only just have been getting started if our goal had been to support Central Asia.

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