12 May 2011

Paxlava and Ashlyanfu and Other Great Names

I have new recipes I'm working on that need to be posted, but it's not going to happen for the next week or two.  I definitely need to post updates to the ashlyanfu, and I also need to work on a new recipe for paxlava.  And I've simplified my pilau with garbanzo beans so I don't have to think quite so much to make it. 

Next I have to figure out how to make gyuro laghman.  I ate that last night for the first time in 5 years.  I have to learn how to make a meatless version of it.  Of course, then it won't be gyuro laghman, but I don't care.

I also think someone should write a new Central Asian cookbook. There are plenty of cookbooks where you can find Central Asian recipes (like Please to the Table, or The Art of Uzbek Cooking, or Flatbreads and Flavors, or Beyond the Great Wall, or Silk Road Cooking), but I've never found a good cookbook written in English that really covers Central Asia and just Central Asia (for example, Dungan food is almost completely ignored by English-language cookbooks even though it's completely delicious).  It would be an astonishingly international cookbook.  How fun would that be?

(This cookbook looks interesting though, even if Central Asia is far from the focus of one of the projected volumes.  But upon further checking, it looks like the recipes should have been tested better.)

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