20 April 2011

Voice Lessons

I loved this article from neweurasia about imams taking voice lessons in Turkey.

I can't help thinking there are a few muezzis in Tokmok who could use a little training.  It's one thing to recite the Qur'an poorly inside the mosque, but when you're calling people to prayer, it's worth doing it well.  Some are good, definitely, but some are not.  Or maybe I'm just a snob after living in the Middle East.


  1. I had no idea one could take lessons. But it makes sense. How could so many people just randomly have incredible talent? I have always loved the call to prayer, but it seems to me that here in Tunisia it is especially beautiful. They must have a good imam voice school here.

  2. I think it is awesome that people in Turkey are taking voice lessons not necessarily to impress people or become famous, but to improve their worship. Sometimes I sit in my little LDS congregation in Provo, Utah and think that Mormons could take after the Turkish imams.