30 April 2011

I Bet my Garden Costs Less than Yours

So we got some things planted in the garden finally.  It turns out that we could have planted all the way back at the beginning of April since it's been so hot, but getting tomatoes out at the end of April still isn't bad. 

Seeds have been for sale in the bazaar for a couple of months now, but I haven't gotten any because I'd heard that plants were cheap to buy.  If we'd needed trees or bushes, we could have gotten them at the bazaar too.  We've seen them going in all directions from the bazaar on bikes, carts, cars, and in bags.  So many plants.

We went today to the bazaar to see what we could find, and yes, the plants were cheap.  The most expensive starts we bought (by far the most expensive) were cucumbers at 10 som each, less than 25 cents.  I bought 10 tomato plants that were the size you get in pony-packs in the US for 1 som each, and some that were larger, like 4-inch pot size, for 2 som each.  I also got some hot peppers for one som each.

We'll be going back for more on Monday since we still have plenty of room and the plants are practically free.  Seeds are 10 som a packet, so I bought some of those too.  I haven't yet figured out what they all are (since I had 50 som and decided to add some excitement to my life by getting some mystery seeds), and it won't be easy to figure them out because I'm quite sure some are Chinese, not Russian. 

When you're used to paying 2 or 3 dollars for a packet of seeds and at least that much per plant, it feels really cheap and really good to plant a garden here. 

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