14 April 2011

Dictatorship TV

Our TV doesn't work very often, but when it does, we get free satellite.  Not just any free satellite though, or at least not what I'm used to watching.  We can watch channels from Uzbekistan (in Uzbek), Belarus, Afghanistan, Iraq, lots of places in Russia (including Grozny and Tatarstan), and probably more that I haven't figured out yet.  Most of the channels are in Russian, but the channel from Iraq never has any sound so I don't get to hear Arabic.  The Afghanistan channels are in Dari.

The Belarus channels mostly show movies, but sometimes the news comes on.  The Tatarstan channel seems to be all movies, all the time.  The Afghanistan channels have lots of news, usually with American military tromping around.  The Grozny channel is incredibly boring; usually there is an expressionless man discussing Islam.  Sometimes you get to watch people pray too.  The Uzbek channels have some variety, but nothing dangerous, of course.  The Russia channels have by far the most variety.  There are cooking shows, news, talk shows, movies, sitcoms, and all sorts of things.  Some even have old Soviet cartoons.  Definitely the best viewing.

I wish I could find a place online that had all 20 channels listed with their countries of origin and their names, but I can only find a partial listing that's mixed with channels from Egypt and Lebanon that we don't get.

Still, I think it's way cool to be able to sit down (if the TV works) and watch TV from Belarus to Afghanistan to Grozny in Russian, Dari, and Uzbek.

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