04 April 2011

Cold Days and No Heat

I like living in Tokmok, really I do, but sometimes it would just be nice to live in Bishkek.  But not today.  It’s been cold and snowy in northern Kyrgyzstan and apparently the heat turned off in Bishkek a few days ago, and the hot water too.  I bet their apartments are almost as cold as our house is now.  I’ll enjoy a nice, hot shower tonight.

Seriously, though, that’s pretty bad timing.  But people outside Bishkek are without hot water all the time, and no one can afford to keep their homes as warm as the apartments are in Bishkek.  It should be much warmer tomorrow though.

This has nothing to do with anything, but we'd have to open our windows in the winter in Bishkek because the apartment was so hot, easily over 20-22 degrees.  One winter day we visited a friend who didn't open the windows (no one does in Bishkek) and I was melting in their apartment.  Then a cousin from Naryn showed up and started to melt too and opened the window.  I was glad to know it wasn't just me.

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