29 March 2011

So Ready

Things I'll do on Friday when I can use the internet as much as I want to (even though it will be very slow- 2000 times slower than cheapo high speed in the US):

News! I honestly have no idea what's going on the in the Middle East
Google maps
Figure out what birds I should be looking for
More photos
Legos for the boys
Download more ebooks
Try downloading an audiobook, although it'll probably take 10 hours
See all the photos I've been missing, since I've had to browse with images off for two months (makes it tricky to upload your own photos when you can't see them)
Family history
Scrabble (unless it takes too long to upload)
Dungan recipes
Homeschooling resources

And so much more. There's even a chance we'll have wifi later. It would be fun to update the iPad.

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