31 March 2011

Narodniy Has Failed Me

The number one reason why I have to go shopping every day is to find milk.  No one in the family much likes drinking whole milk which is too bad, since it's really easy to find.  Skimmed milk has been voted down too, although I might have to overrule that vote because my one constant and reliable source of 2.5% milk has quit stocking it.  Narodniy just switched to the ultra-pasteurized bags of milk which cost a lot more than regular pasteurized milk.

There are a few stores in the bazaar that stock the regular bagged milk, but none are very reliable, especially depending on the person working in the store that part of the month.  Some people are more willing to stock our milk than others.

It makes sense that the milk we like doesn't get stocked because it goes bad after a week, so if you don't sell it quickly, you don't sell it at all.  (And yes, you should check your dates.  No one else will.  And be prepared for a hairy eyeball if you point out that your milk is old.)  And I guess the demand for that milk isn't here in Tokmok. 

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