13 March 2011

I love this house just down the street, with its bright blue paint, except where it looks like someone ran out of the paint and never climbed back up to finish the job.
This school's a couple of blocks down the street. Huge building. And I love the sweet shop directly across the street from the school. There's even a crosswalk. Any time, absolutely any time you walk by the school, there are a bazillion kids running back and forth between the school and the store.
I don't have any idea if these garbage cans are typical of the Soviet Union, but they certainly remind me of Bishkek. Bright colors, small, and they tip easily to empty them.
WWII Memorial
These appeared in this yard recently. We've been told that you can tell a Dungan house by its more extensive vegetable garden, but I don't know if it's a rule.

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