15 March 2011

A Day in a Life

I have never spent so much time on housework in my entire life as I have here in Tokmok.  Food especially.  Fortunately, I like shopping for food and cooking it.  Today was a pretty typical day around our house.

-Get up around 8:15 (that's a little late)
-Start a load of laundry first thing (I've done one load in the morning for years, but it's especially important here because I can count on the water being on in the morning.  There's only been one day so far when it wasn't.)
-Fill up the water bucket in the bathroom and carry it out to the kitchen since there's no plumbing in the kitchen.
-Cook breakfast and heat the milk from the neighbors for yogurt.
-Eat breakfast (cracked wheat for me)
-Clean up from breakfast and send the boys in the house to start school.
-Take the bed apart  (We sleep on tushuks, and since the crawl space under the floor is cold, the bottom tushuks have water condense on them.  Taking the bed apart means folding up 16 tushuks, since my husband's back is picky.  I'd need 4 if it were just me.)
-Now it's nearly 10 and time to hang the laundry  (tricky today, since it's windy and rainy)
-Check email and Facebook
-Read to 3-year-old (no walk today, because it's cold too, in addition to windy and rainy)
-Do writing assignment with older boys
-Do school with three-year-old (practiced letter sounds today)
-Now it's 12 and time to start lunch
-Eat lunch
-Do the dishes.  This involves fetching hot water in a bucket from the house, and refilling the regular water bucket and hauling the water inside. 
-Do history and Latin with the boys and check over their work (Fortunately they are old enough to take care of most of school themselves, because I don't have time to do it this year.)
-Now it's 2 and time to start thinking about dinner.  Go to the bazaar for milk and vegetables.  Discover there is no pasteurized milk to be found.  Tomorrow, everyone says.  Buy tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, garlic, and peppers.
-Walk almost 2 kilometers to the other store that might have milk.  They have one expensive bag, and I get oil and butter too. We'll have water for dinner tonight and expensive milk for breakfast tomorrow.
-Now it's nearly 4 and time to start cooking dinner because I'm making a pilau that cooks for an hour.  Chop vegetables, soak rice, chop more vegetables, measure spices, chop more vegetables.  Sometime in there I give up on the laundry drying outside and move it inside.  Light the furnace.
-It's 5 and the pilau is cooking and the table is set.  Read for a few minutes while I'm hiding in the kitchen, then have a nintendo ds tournament.
-Eat dinner and watch The Cosby Show.
-Do the dishes (more water hauling)
-Bathe the three-year-old while husband and oldest son go out for a bit; play on the ds with middle son in the bathroom
-Put the bed back together (all 16 tushuks) so the three-year-old can go to bed
-Play one more game with oldest son
-It's 8:30 and I'm almost done online.  Or I ought to be.
-I really should do Russian next.  But that's another post.  I'll probably read instead
-And then I'll shower and go to bed

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