02 March 2011

Beware of the Dog

 I love walking around Tokmok because all the houses are different from each other.  I never really got into the concrete buildings or the billboards in Bishkek, but anytime I go out in Tokmok there's something interesting.

The top photo is at a house that sells milk; it's also common to see houses with the windows covered with plastic.  You hope the windows have glass too, but often they don't.

I liked the next door's color, and the words it.  The top word is mail, and the lower is light with room to write in the meter numbers.

But the last door is the best, with the colors and the design of the wood and the gas and electric numbers, and best of all, a beware of the dog sign.  Click on the photo so it's big enough to see the words.


  1. Do people regularly use the numbering system on the homes to give directions? Or do they tell you landmarks? Or have I not interpreted the numbers correctly at all?

  2. The houses are numbered with odds on the west/north side of the street and evens on the east/south. The start with 1 at the south end and work their way up, never skipping numbers (unless a couple of houses were replaced by a bigger one, I guess). So the numbers just tell you which house it is, but not where you are on the street. Make sense?