27 February 2011

Odds and Ends

We’ve subscribed to the local Tokmok newspaper, although we’re waiting for it to come for the first time, since it’s a weekly paper. It costs less than 10 cents an issue.

I stumbled on soybean paste in Bishkek. What a happy surprise. And it was a surprise. I’m also going to work on a tip that Chinese red sugar is a good substitute for brown sugar, and to try again to find whole wheat flour in the bazaar. We also found a cake pan which means there will be a more normal-looking birthday cake this week than I was thinking.

There really is so much more available in Bishkek than there was five years ago. Yesterday we found a mall with interesting stores, good food, warm air, and bumper cars. The boys had a great time. I was happy to eat doner kebab.

It’s been cold, but not as cold as it was when we were in Bishkek five years ago. There was a stretch then when the high temperature was -13, but that’s been our low temperature. It’s supposed to be around 0 for the high most of this week. Cozy.

It turns out the family likes yogurt even more when I make it with fresh, whole milk. We’ve always eaten about 3 liters a week, but I have to make at least 5 liters a week now. So good.

Now that I’ve hashed and rehashed food prices here, I’m going to have to start on inflation. There are several things that have gone up noticeably in price since we’ve been here. The next American who complains about how hard things are in the US right now ought to get a virtual bop.


  1. Some questions:

    In what language is the paper? Good price. What does one do with soybean paste? Is Chinese red sugar really red? Congratulations on the cake pan. What kind of cake was requested? What did you use for the spice cake baking of last week? I was glad for the mall report from your happy son. What is your method for the even warmth for yogurt-making? Do you know what is driving the inflation there?

  2. Russian.

    It's really good with bok choy and other greens. I'll make something really good for you with it when you come.

    I don't know what color it is. I'll tell you if I find it.

    I don't know what kind of cake we'll have.

    Just a little cinnamon, because I forgot that the cloves I got were left in Bishkek. The next spice cake will be better.

    He was happy about yesterday.

    The yogurt sits on top of the furnace in the house.

    I don't know of any specific thing.