08 February 2011

Photos, or Not

Every single time I go out without the camera I see something that makes me wish I had it.  Like the yak riding in the back of a truck.  Or the boy riding the donkey that was pulling a sled with another boy and a bunch of stuff on it.  Or the tombstone store (I'm weird about that, I know).  Or the garbage truck (that's probably weird too, but I'm always interested to see how things work here).  Or when the place where we buy our naan was building a new tandoor.  

But even if I had the camera I probably wouldn't stop to take many pictures anyway.  I wish there was a way to take photos less conspicuously. The tandoor people wouldn't have minded though.


  1. We found people in Lebanon were much more open to having their picture taken than those we knew in Russia. And the Lebanese smiled for the photos. Have you had any turn you down?

  2. I totally understand what you mean. The best opportunity for photos always happen when I do not have my camera.
    This said I have to admit that I am always very awkward about taking pictures of people. I feel that it is a bit as if I thought that I was living in a zoo where I am the visitor and the other people are here to amaze and entertain me. Even when people are happy about it I can't help but feel that I am taking advantage or being rude. I can't quite explain it. It is a shame because I would love to take pictures of the beautiful African women with their fabulous outfits and hairdos.

  3. C, you explained how I feel too. My husband isn't so bothered, so nearly all of our pictures of people are taken by him.