01 February 2011

Little Things

I love all the little things that are different when you move to a new place, especially overseas. I can see the stars again, and I get to see them a lot since it's always dark when I come out of the kitchen every night. I've hardly seen even major constellations like Orion and the Big Dipper for the last few years, but I can see all sorts of things clearly now, like the Pleiades.

I can hear the call to prayer. It's been many, many years since I heard it every day. Bishkek isn't exactly covered with mosques, but there are lots of mosques in Tokmok and it's easy to hear the call to prayer. It's a little odd to have the dawn prayer be so late, since the sun rises so late. It doesn't start till 7!

And it's always an adventure just to cook dinner every night. Figuring out what you can make and then finding all the ingredients for it isn't as simple as it was in Seattle. Sometimes it would be nice to skip the adventure and just make dinner, but I can't complain. And I can buy laghman in the bazaar. I definitely don't mind not having to make that myself anymore.

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