28 February 2011

I discovered why there are no Kyrgyz otins or other women religious leaders.  It’s rather obvious, really, because Kyrgyz don’t enforce strict segregation between men and women in religious matters.  Unlike Uzbeks and many other Central Asian Muslims, Kyrgyz women and men are more often in the same room for religious ceremonies, such as when the Qur’an is being read during and after a funeral.  Uzbeks are separate at those times, so Uzbek women are needed to read the Qur’an.

It also brings up an interesting question of whether that segregation then provides more opportunities for women, although only among women. And if I were on a Mormon blog right now, it would bring up a lot more interesting questions too regarding the roles of men and women in the LDS Church.

Hopefully I’ll have more photos soon; it’s been a little chilly for picture taking the last few days, at least during my usual picture-taking walk.

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