04 February 2011

Food Prices, Translated

I’m starting  a list of food prices here in dollars and US measurements (except when it’s lots of kilos).  I’ll add things as I remember, or as prices change.  Good thing I've been dividing lots of decimals with middle son recently for math.

$2.75- Gallon of pasteurized, bagged milk (I know I can get it cheaper not bagged, but I need to find out how to do that)
$1.95- pound of garlic
$1.50- dozen eggs
$21.00- 25 kilos of rice
$0.35- pound of cabbage
$4.00- pound of cheese
$0.65- pound of cracked wheat
$0.21- pound of cracked barley
$0.32- big loaf of  naan
$0.21- regular loaf of naan
$0.47- chicken samsa
$1.05- five pounds of potatoes
$0.85- bag of laghman (I don’t know the weight- maybe a kilo?  maybe a little less?)


  1. I don't want to make an unfair comment but it seems a little more expensive that I would have expected.

  2. Yes, the prices are high, especially when salaries are so low. Of course, most people here aren't buying pasteurized milk or cheese, or very many eggs. But even the fresh, unpasteurized milk is $2/gallon. I'll try buying some from our neighbor this week.

  3. yeah, that is high, except the naan seems cheaper, or maybe that's just me.