28 January 2011

So In Love with Our House

So the picture probably is centered weird, but since we have to pay per megabyte right now, I'm not going to mess with fixing it.  Not that it's even close to a megabyte in size.  I'll hopefully post more photos later, but for now, there won't be so many.

Anyway, we love our house.  It's a very typical home in Kyrgyzstan, with the main part of the house separate from the kitchen and there's a huge garden and a wall around the whole thing.  So when someone comes to the door, you stick your head out the window without shutters to see who it is. 

The inside has been redone and there is a huge bathroom with water, a water heater, a washing machine (!), and a flushing toilet and a shower.  So nice.  There are three bedrooms and the rooms are all large with 10-foot ceilings (inconvenient in the winter, when I can raise my hands in the air and feel a difference in the temperature of the air- I can only imagine how warm it is up there at the ceiling).  We have a gas furnace instead of a coal one, which is much cleaner, but expensive.  It's a good thing we're already used to cold houses, because I don't think it could keep the house above 65 degrees.  Maybe if it were left on all night but that seems impossibly extravagant.

The kitchen is in a smaller building behind the house.  It has a nice fridge, but no running water, and a touchy gas stove.  The oven works, but since the only thermometer on it just is numbered from 1-7, I really have no idea yet how to set it.  I did make cookies a few days ago that turned out okay with lots of checking.  There is some sort of electric heat under the floor in the kitchen and that makes it pleasant out there.  And I get to cook in qazans.

The walls are all very thick, at least a foot, so that helps keep things warmer, and cooler in the summer.  There are lots of windows and the rooms are all bright and sunny, which I love, especially after Seattle.  I loved Seattle, but I can't complain about some sun in the winter.  I'll be complaining in the summer though, I promise.  There are also lots and lots of plants all over the house.

The yard has all sorts of interesting things I've read about, and others that I don't know what they are.  Love it.

We're in a great location where we can walk to everything we need in town, and we're very close to the bazaar where we can get on a bus to Bishkek.  But mostly, I love this house.  I've always been so curious about what's behind all those walls, and I've been in a few houses, but to get to live in one is amazing. 


  1. Wow! That is SO nice and SO cool. I hope you'll put up more pics from your house (if you can...)

  2. I've been away from the internet and just found out that you finally not only left but also arrived!
    It looks great. I am so impressed with everything you have in your house, you did very well!!! Bathroom, washing machine, garden!!!

  3. The kitchen sounds a bit of a challenge, but I'm excited for the qazan cooking. And hurray for the washing machine!

    Ten foot ceilings. Put all the kids in the top bunk? ;-)

    Do you think you'll sleep out in the courtyard in the summer? My Uzkek professor was always so nostalgic for the fruit, and for the sleeping outside.

  4. The boys are planning on sleeping outside. I will too if it gets too hot. It would be fun to sleep under the trees.