29 January 2011

Rumors of Mormons

We visited Bishkek today, finally.  It was so good to see some old friends and talk to them again.  Phone calls and emails aren't the same.  It's been nearly 5 years since we saw some of them. 

It's not so uncommon for Mormons to pass around rumors that various famous people are/were/will be Mormons.  I can't even remember who all I've been told is a Mormon, like Steve Martin, but some people get a little excited about that sort of thing.  But I was still surprised when one of our friends asked if Rosa Otunbaeva, the president of Kyrgyzstan, was a Mormon.  The rumor mill got a little out of hand on that one, I think.

No photos, since someone who shall not be named forgot to put the SD card back in the camera.  Bishkek felt a lot the same, although cleaner in parts.  And it felt incredibly busy after sleepy little Tokmok. 

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