03 January 2011

I Really Don't Want to Deal with a Portable Toilet for a Year

The great appliance and amenities decisions have to be made soon. When you're moving to a new apartment in the US, the biggest question might be whether there is a dishwasher and a washer and dryer in the apartment.  Or if there's a swimming pool in the complex or a game room.  When we moved to Kyrgyzstan before, we wondered if we'd have a microwave, but we knew we'd have a fridge, a stove, and even a washing machine and hot water.

This time around we'll be in a different town and there are different questions. We know there's one place we can rent that is furnished and has "all amenities."  For lots of money.  Everything else we've heard of is cheap, but doesn't have much besides walls and a roof.  So we get to decide what we can work around.  There are differences of opinion among various family members about which of these are acceptable.

Outdoor pit toilet?
Cold water? (I think running water can be assumed)
Coal stove?
Spotty electricity?
Washing clothes in the tub?
Line drying?
No A/C?
No fridge? (I think a cooking stove of some sort can be assumed)

I'm game for most of these, except I want warm water in the house, and I'd really rather not deal with coal.  Some contraption to help with laundry would be nice. Other family members have vetoed the pit toilet, but I've vetoed the idea that I will have anything to do with any sort of portable toilet. 

Should be an interesting week or two while we decide what to go with.  And then even more interesting when we get there and are living with our decisions.


  1. Hope you have an "all participants" way to figure it out. Good luck!

  2. Outdoor pit toilet? - No problem
    Cold water? - Hell no!
    Coal stove? - They're great.
    Spotty electricity? - Annoying.
    Washing clothes in the tub? - Never.
    Line drying? - Washing smells and feels lovely when dried outside.
    No A/C? - not ideal.
    No fridge? - I like my beer too much; I wouldn't go.


  3. any way you could import a composting toilet? pit toilet with a portable or chamber pot for night time.

    have done the heating water and tub laundry but not for a whole year. but you are not doing diapers, so maybe a year wouldn't be too long.

  4. I had a friend that lived on a boat with her mom all four years of high school. They had a toilet that was sort of like an RV toilet, seemed normal but they had to take the base of it and empty it into the port facilities once a day. She said it was annoying but not too bad. Maybe you could improvise a real toilet that you emptied into a pit once a day? Bad but not too bad?


  5. It looks like we've found a place with a western-style indoor toilet. Good thing, since we found there was no compromising on this one. :)