27 January 2011

Food Prices

I know food prices have gone up everywhere in the last few years, but since it was a slow rise and we moved around the US in that time, I didn't really notice it much till we came back to Kyrgyzstan.  Five years ago a dollar would buy 8 loaves of naan, but now it buys less than five.  Gas costs more, milk costs more, vegetables cost more.  And in just the last few months the som has weakened against the dollar.  That's messing with my brain, since 100 som is supposed to be $2.50, not just over $2.00. 

We also have a gas furnace in our house instead of a coal one, which is fine with me.  Except that I was shocked when we were told it would probably cost us $100 to heat the house in February.  That's easily a month's salary for many people in Kyrgyzstan.  No wonder coal is more popular.

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