31 January 2011


We've avoided flying on Aeroflot for years after hearing all the horror stories about it. It's always been possible to find flights that are nearly as cheap and more convenient.  And when we were planning on going to Tashkent, that was true.  But when Kyrgyzstan came together at the last minute, Aeroflot really was the only decent option.  We lucked out and found flights that would avoid my biggest concern, which was an 11-hour layover in the Moscow airport.  We ended up with a 3-hour layover there.  That's nothing in comparison.

Anyway, Aeroflot turned out to be a good experience.  The long flight from Los Angeles to Moscow was on a large airplane with individual consoles for everyone.  The food was good (plenty of fish, thank you) and the flight attendants were nice.  The flight to Bishkek was good too.  The plane was smaller and not as fun, but that was entirely okay since the last thing you want is to fly into Bishkek on a huge airplane.  Been there, done that.

The Moscow airport wasn't my favorite, even though it's certainly nice.  It felt more like we were in a mall that happened to have flights going in and out, though.  I'm glad we just had a few hours there.  Eleven might have defeated us.

I'd be happy to fly on Aeroflot again.


  1. Well, that's good to know (in case I ever get to fly to Russia!). Way back in college, our skits in Russian class were often Aeroflot jokes.

  2. I'm glad to know too, obviously. We'll avoid the long layover in Moscow.