08 December 2010


HurramabadI picked up this collection of short stories and novellas at the suggestion of Christian Bleur on Registan. I enjoyed it very much, with the exception of the longest novella that I ended up skipping because it just wasn't my thing.

All the stories are set in Tajikistan and are mostly about Russians living there during the early 1990s during the civil war. The book is very Russian, very realist, very vivid. It's obviously not cheerful (how could it be?), but Andrei Volos creates a Hurramabad that draws in the reader even as you know that things aren't going to turn out well.

I was particularly taken with "A Local Man" about a Russian who moved to Tajikistan because he was completely sucked in by the place.  But even though he marries a Tajik, learns the language, and loves the place, he knows he will never fit it. 

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