31 December 2010

2010 Flops and Not

So, 2010 didn't exactly go the way I'd planned when the year started.  I'll blame Uzbekistan and one of our grants for that.  But thanks to Kyrgyzstan's much more reasonable visas regulations, I'm hoping that this year's 10 things list will be a little closer to reality:

Live in Kyrgyzstan most of the year
Move to another city in Central Asia at the end of the year
Learn to cook naan in a tandur
Learn Uzbek
Refresh Russian
CBT Kyrgyzstan
Watch the boys learn Uzbek and Russian
Don't run out of money (which implies getting another grant)
Bone games, of course
Read a lot

And a couple that are unreasonable to hope for, but I still do hope:

Visit Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan
Church recognized in Kyrgyzstan

Some things did go better this year than I'd hoped.  The massive books-into-ebooks project was a stunning success, and we have many, many fewer boxes of stuff to store. I read lots of great books too (although the end of the year went out with a whimper, but I have a good excuse). And I'm looking forward to a good 2011.  I'm glad to see 2010 go, but it still was a good year.

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