23 November 2010

Not That Clueless

So we've been working on visas for five months.  We've had to change countries at least three times and worked with all sorts of people, none of whom we've ever actually met, who have tried to help us.  We've run into every problem you can think of, but today's email telling us that we really don't want to live in our chosen small village in Kazakhstan because apparently no one has toilets or running water and we'll all die of strange diseases bugged me more than just about anything.  Reminds me again why we don't generally email embassy families to find out what it's really like living overseas.  Peace corps and missionary friends are a lot better (missionaries from churches besides mine; the missionaries from our church also thought our chosen part of Kazakhstan was "scary."  Glad they don't get to live there.). 

Give us a little credit.  We may have only lived in Central Asia once, but we're not throwing darts at a map to pick the places we want to live.  We also have taken the time to learn as much as we can about our chosen towns before we start on the visas (it's amazing how you can find people living in the most obscure places in the world through the internet).  And please, if you wouldn't choose to live somewhere, don't exaggerate to convince us we shouldn't either.  We actually want to live there.  Of course, most people think that makes us crazy in the first place.  Don't you?

In other news, we got some unexpected snow today.  It's been two years since we've seen any and we've had a great day.  Still snowing.

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