30 November 2010

The Ring of Solomon

Bartimaeus: The Ring of SolomonAfter reading the Bartimaeus trilogy earlier this year and liking it, I was happy to get a chance to read this new prequel sort of book.  I enjoyed it as much as the other books and think it easily lives up to them.  Definitely worth reading if you're a Bartimaeus fan.


  1. Thanks for the link for the Kibbeh bel saniyeh. We've eaten lots of Kibbeh appetizers. We even tried uncooked kibbeh - once. But twice we've had this delicious kibbeh bel saniyeh. We've driven through Deir el Qamar several times and once walked around with our Lebanese history professor and friend, Ghassan. And just yesterday on our way to Beqa'a with another friend we had a converstion about the Arabic word "mokhtar." We hear it used often but had not been able to figure out just what was the parallel in the US. After listening to Georges, we got a better idea of all the varied responsibilities of a mokhtar. Nice to know that there are also "mokhtaras."

  2. Interesting snow report card link. Thanks. Nice to learn the term "articulated busses." Had no idea until now that is what we sometimes rode on in Russia.