21 November 2010

Ereaders Galore

One thing that has surprised me a little, or at least keeps forcing itself into my brain, about having a digital library is that you need lots of different ereaders.  I knew that, of course, but it seems that we always could use one more because none of them do everything we need them to.

It would ease things up a bit if Amazon made it easier to put library books on the Kindle, because, outside schoolwork for the boys and my husband, that's how we use our ereaders.  Our library has an amazing collection of ebooks and the boys and I always have something checked out, and we've even discovered a few online places that let you check scholarly ebooks out for a couple of weeks. But we have lots of our own books scanned and the Kindle DX is the best place to read those, so there's always something good to read, with a little negotiation.

If I were starting again at zero with ereaders and looking to switch to ebooks, I'd probably end up with about the same collection of readers that we have though.  I'm hoping that in a few years larger screen readers like the Kindle DX will be more affordable because they're so flexible (as long as you can put library books on them).  9.6" Sony Reader that costs $130 sounds good to me. I wonder how long that will take.

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