24 October 2010

Little Pink House

Little Pink House: A True Story of Defiance and CourageAn online friend mentioned that she thought this was one of her best reads last year, and since she's made other excellent recommendations, I thought I'd try this one too.  And it is excellent.  It's basically the story behind the 2005 Supreme Court case on eminent domain, but the author tells the story well.

It's certainly not an unbiased telling, and there are villains, who probably weren't quite as awful as they're made out to be, and there are heroes, who probably aren't as wonderful in every way as they're made out to be.  But it's still a quick, interesting, and very worthwhile read.

I looked up Claire Gaudiani, the most vile of villains in the the book, to see what she's up to now.  Interesting.


  1. Your library must be so much better than mine. All the books you mentioned lately are either not there or on hold with a long waiting list.
    How about "Tiger" by ... Valliant? any plans to read it? I heard an interview of the author and it sounded great...the waiting list at the library already has 97 people on it.

  2. I hadn't heard of The Tiger. It looks interesting. But there are lots of holds at my library too, and it won't come in before we leave. Maybe they'll get an ebook soon. That's the best way around long hold lists.