19 September 2010

Sitting around Seattle

So we're still in the US.  I so wanted to be in Central Asia today.  I've packed everything that can be packed, eaten almost all the food in the fridge, scanned 400 books, and sold the car.  But we don't know what country we're moving to, and won't for several more weeks.  You can't buy plane tickets if you don't know where you're moving.  That's not exactly a minor detail. 

I'm not sure which member of the family is going to go crazy first.  Even the 2-year-old asks when we're moving to Uzbekistan.  All he really cares about is flying on the airplane though.

Maybe we should go by boat.  That would kill some time.  The 2-year-old would approve of that.  Aren't there passenger ships from Seattle to Singapore?


  1. Sort of like being stuck in the Sargasso Sea? Hope the wait ends soon.

  2. Crossing fingers for you! I'm just finishing with Tashkent in the "Red Odyssey" book--yes it's taking me forever.

  3. Forever is fine. I just hope you're liking it.

  4. I'm enjoying it very much--it's just that my life kind of derailed and I retreated into comfort reading for a week. Husband got laid off. :(

    In other news, I got the bone games post on my feed and really liked it--when we learned about Mongolia a while back, my kids wanted to know how to play the games and we were clueless!

  5. So sorry about getting laid off. That is such an awful feeling, no matter the circumstances.

    Bone games are the coolest thing ever.