19 September 2010

200,000,000 Years Beneath the Sea

200,000,000 Years Beneath the Sea: The Story of the Glomar Challenger, the Ship That Unlocked the Secrets of the Oceans and Their Continentsmj (or her husband) recommended this a long time ago, but it wasn't in my library then, and I only remembered now to get it from this city's library.  I enjoyed it, even though it's about 40 years old.  It's about the Glomar Challenger and the scientific discoveries it made through deep sea drilling in the late 60s and early 70s.  This book only covers the first few years of the Glomar Challenger's expedition, but those first few years were some of the most significant in what was learned about plate tectonics.

Plate tectonics is such a basic part of science now that it's a little strange for me to imagine that it's really not been an accepted theory for more than 50 years.  This book is an interesting and readable glimpse of those earlier years.

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