18 June 2010

More Homeschooling

I'm still trying to plan school for the next two years even though we don't know right now where we'll be living.  Of course this is just a minor irritation compared to what so many people are going through in Kyrgyzstan, but our plans have been completely thrown out the window this week.  We'll still be going to Central Asia, but probably not to Kyrgyzstan.

Anyway, here's the plan (mostly so it's stuck in one place rather than in various notebooks scattered around the house):

  • History- The Medieval and Early Modern World set. We used the related series on the ancient world this year and I was totally impressed.  The primary sources book is excellent and has lots of related reading suggestions, and each book has extensive reading suggestions.  There are also timelines throughout the books.  The reading level was a little high for my oldest son and I read parts of it out loud to him, but my middle son was fine.  The Early Modern part of the series looks to be more Eurocentric, but not overwhelmingly so.
  • Science- We'll be doing earth science and astronomy (the best year!) and chemistry.  If I can justify the weight, I'll take most of our How the ___ Works books.  I love them (here's a link to one).
  • Math- Singapore for each boy and Life of Fred.  LoF was a hit this year.  Unfortunately it's not available digitally.  We'll probably scan these books.
  • Spelling- We're trying Sequential Spelling right now with the oldest boy and he seems happy with it so far.  Middle boy doesn't really need spelling.  I like SS because it's on my ereader and it was cheap.
  • Writing- I think we'll back up a bit and do Writing with Ease 4 with both boys this year, with the Wordsmith books waiting for the next year.  Yay for digital WWE.
  • Reading- Whatever I can get as an ebook.  We'll check a lot of things out from the library, and I'm hoping Amazon will have more children's nonfiction available in the next few months, or at least in the next year.
  • Grammar- Probably continue with Growing with Grammar.  It's nothing amazing, but it's effective. Oldest son may not be a strong speller, but he's great with grammar. Unfortunately it's not digital.  I could be convinced to change to a grammar program that's available as a pdf.
  • Geography- We'll just continue with online quizzes.  Going to interesting places counts too, doesn't it?
  • Logic- Online logic games and we'll try Building Thinking Skills again.  I think middle son will like it better than oldest did.  And oldest might do better now he's a year older.
  • Latin- We did Lively Latin I this year and I liked it and I think we'll do LL2 before moving into Latin Prep.  I think waiting a year would be better for both boys, and they like the Roman history in LL.
  • Uzbek- We'll use the books we have, but since the entire family will be working on Uzbek, I'm hoping we won't need to spend too much time in the books. The two-year-old will probably learn fastest though, without even trying.


  1. Have you contacted the author of LoF? I have heard he is very helpful; he might be willing to give you a digital copy so you don't have to go through all the effort of scanning it.

  2. I did, hoping for that very thing. He said he was sorry, but wished I could take Fred along, but Fred would be teaching at KITTENS while we were gone. At least I was amused by his email, even though I was disappointed.