17 May 2010


The last day of school was on Thursday. Big giant smiley face.

We'll still be finishing up Latin and Life of Fred, but that won't take long, nor will it annoy anyone.

And this was the best year yet. I still didn't get as much science and writing done as I should have, but other than that, we did everything I wanted to do. I loved The World in Ancient Times. And the boys did a great job at working on their own.

This summer will be spent learning the Cyrillic alphabet because next year's big project is learning Uzbek while we live in southern Kyrgyzstan. But that's a whole nother post.


  1. Our last day is Wednesday, yay! I'm really glad to hear that you enjoyed "The World in Ancient Times" because I took a gamble and ordered the whole thing. Am hoping to get it tomorrow.

    I have never been able to quite master the Greek alphabet, but learning the Cyrillic was a lot of fun. (Not that I remember anything at all from 4 semesters of Russian.) I'm dying to hear about your upcoming adventure, so please post quick and promise many photos--I'm now planning on living vicariously through you. :)

  2. Cyrillic shouldn't be too bad, since one of the boys did Tajik this year and got pretty comfortable with the alphabet. So that just leaves my oldest to learn it.

    We're not leaving for several months still, but when we do, there will be lots of pictures, especially since we'll be living in a very different part of the country this time.