05 February 2010

Moving Again or Selling Books

So we moved back to our original apartment last week.  A clean, dry, not moldy apartment with lots more space than the temporary apartment had.  It's good to be home.

But moving twice in five weeks finally killed the need in me to keep my books.  I can't keep hauling them around.  So we sold over 300 books last Saturday.  That was hard. But I couldn't face hauling them all upstairs again.  We still have well over 500 books, so there's still plenty of hauling around to do, but a lot of the heavy ones stayed downstairs.  And the boys took the upstairs books up for me.  Their knees and backs are still strong.

I couldn't have sold the books without purchasing ereaders first.  I've got a whole lotta posts in my head about those.

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