31 December 2009

What's Happened in the 2000s

In no particular order:

Moved 10 times
Lived in Kyrgyzstan for a year
Had two more children, including bedrest with one of those pregnancies
Built a beautiful house and sold it two years later
Learned a lot of Russian
Forgot a lot of Russian
Survived 18 months of  husband's major health problems
Survived husband being laid off
Started homeschooling
Learned a lot about Central Asia
Blogged half the time
Had 4 miscarriages
Stopped driving and started walking
Quilted, spun, crocheted
Learned I love geysers
Really learned to cook
Learned that life is better when my husband likes what he's doing, no matter what we're getting paid

I wish I could have said that I'd lived overseas more than just one year out of those ten and that I'd learned and not forgotten several languages.  There were also a few challenges I didn't handle very well.  At all.  Mostly those relating to my husband's health problems.  That's one thing I never, ever wish to deal with again, at least not on that scale.  And he could have been a lot worse.

But mostly, I've enjoyed my family, read a lot, and I am excited for the next ten years. I hope they're as good as the last 10.


  1. What a good idea. I'm impressed with the fact that you can remember that far back, though!

  2. It helps that we've moved a lot. I can think back and figure out when something happened by where we lived at the time.