14 December 2009

Happy Birthday Blog and 2-Year-Old

It's the little one's birthday today. We're lucky to have such a happy two-year-old. It's been so fun to enjoy him on his own. There are definite advantages to having children close together, but we've all loved getting to know the littlest one on his own.

But today is also this blog's 5-year anniversary. When I started this, I wouldn't have guessed that five years down that road I'd be sitting in a little (moldy) student housing apartment while my husband was working on a PhD, but I'm happy were here. Because instead I can say I'm sitting in a perfectly-sized-for-us apartment near lots of friends in an interesting city while both my husband and I are learning a lot more about Central Asia and getting ready to go back.

Happy birthday blog. I hope that the next five years take us to Samarqand and lots of other interesting places.


  1. ...interesting places such as Lebanon. Yeah!

    Interesting suggested reading.

  2. Happy birthday, littlest one! We love you!

  3. I feel SO Bad I missed this... happy (really belated) blogoversary!! I have enjoyed being your friend over these last 5 years. Thanks for searching me out way back when.