31 December 2009

First Lines Meme

I thought I'd try the first lines meme I saw on Kate's blog.  I don't exactly do great first lines, do I?  And where did my spell check go? 

I very much enjoyed this book. (The Goose Girl)

I'm debating why I can't say that I loved this book. (March)

This was a light, page-turner sort of book. (The Lace Reader)

I've been rereading Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down and To Kill a Mockingbird this week for three different book groups.

I have to admit that the Kindle gets more tempting every time I look at it. (It's no coincidence this was posted on my birthday.)

I probably read this when it was new and have been meaning to reread Patricia Wrede's dragon books.  (Dealing with Dragons)

I checked this one out a year or two ago, but never really got into it. (Empires of the Word)

I poked through both of these books on language a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed both, even if I didn't sit down and read them completely.(Spoken Here and Stuff of Thought)

I reread this one because I love it, and to decide for sure if I want to do it for a book group. (The Chosen)

I'm still learning to figure out what I'm seeing, but here are a few of my neighborhood birds. (The only non-book post of the year.)

This was one of those books that ended up being pretty good, but that you hoped would have been great after reading the first chapter. (Abou and the Angel Cohen)

There's plenty of reading going on here, but it's all old issues of NatGeo and Smithsonian that a friend gave us this week.

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